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Troubleshooting and Using Your Airless Paint Sprayer Safely

Have you ever experienced wanting to paint walls or items to add color to your boring day, then suddenly you figured out that your sprayer’s clogged? It’s devastating, isn’t?

Don’t worry; this article will tell you how you can clear the clogged spray tip of your airless paint sprayer and use your sprayer the safe way.


You’ll know that the spray tip is clogged once the paint stops from flowing or the gun starts sputtering. To solve this issue, here are the steps:

  1. HomeRight-C800879-Power-Flo-Pro-2800Turn your spray tip into 180°.
  2. Aim your spray gun at a piece of cardboard or paper and pull the trigger to get rid of the clog.
  3. Twist the spray tip 180° again and point it to the scrap paper again.

Most of the problems you’ll encounter with your sprayer are caused by either a clogged tip, a leaking pump, a pump with stuck valves, or clogged filters. Be sure that exercise caution when cleaning the parts of your airless paint sprayer. Maintain it properly as well to avoid issues such as this.

If you’re having trouble with the paint coverage—like uneven coats or runs—then that means you’re using the wrong spray tip size. Sometimes it’s also the result of lack of practice or experience. The best way to be an expert is to take the long road, and that means practicing over and over.

Safety Tips

  • Always wear the appropriate attire—old clothing, approved mask, and safety glasses.
  • clarke-spray-gunMake sure your painting area is adequately ventilated.
  • Prevent flares when spraying flammable oil-based products by following all the necessary preventive measures—you can find these in your manual. You can also ask a professional about how you should deal with such products.
  • Don’t skip the pressure adjustment process. Follow the procedure before cleaning, before installing the spray tip, before checking the sprayer, and every time you stop spraying.
  • If you’re not using the sprayer, keep the trigger in the lock position.
  • Don’t place your hand in front of the sprayer’s tip except if the sprayer is turned off and has been depressurized. You might accidentally inject paint underneath your skin because of the high-pressure, which is dangerous to your health. In case it happens, see a doctor at once.