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Top 5 Easy-to-Grow Veggies for Your BC Garden

Think staying at British Columbia is a bad idea? Think again! These vegetables are so easy to plant and grow, you’ll be surprised why you haven’t thought of them before!



Any kind of bean is easy to grow because they grow like wildfire. Once you plant them, you can expect to pick several every day. With the right fertilizer and the best garden sprayer, you can grow them fast. You have to remember, though, pole beans require a structure for support so that the vine can climb and twine. You can solve this issue by building a durable teepee of long sticks or poles or simply by planting them against a tall fence.


Another vegetable you can plant is lettuce. Think about the fresh lettuce from your garden that can be served with your food. Not only will your salads taste better, but you’ll also save money and time to buy lettuce from your local market! All you have to do is toss the lettuce seeds into a garden bed and wait for the heads of lettuce to appear in droves. As easy as that! Just bear in mind to pick new growth as soon as it comes up or else the greens will bolt and turn into gigantic lettuce trees. Trust me; you don’t want that. Here’s a tip: Ensure that the soil is kept moist during the growing season because lettuce loves a cold climate.



Onions from a garden taste way better than store-bought ones. The best part about them is they are effortless to grow. Bulb onions are even available in different flavors whether yellow, white, or red.

To grow onions, just plant a row. After two weeks you’ll be chopping green onions for your salad. And once the tops begin to fall over, you can have fresh onions to add to your stews, soups, and stir-fry. Make sure you store onions in a cool place secured in a mesh bag. These veggies need air.


Similar to beans, peas are also hassle-free to grow. They’re a great addition to your BC garden. Plus, they are so entertaining to watch as they grow! They have pretty tiny flowers which attract bees. Peas also like a colder climate. If you plant them during a cold spring, you can wait around three weeks after planting another set. When growing peas, however, always be ready with a spray bottle of mild detergent to get rid of aphids that can kill the peas.



Lastly, plant zucchini! They grow effortlessly and in an abundant amount too. You’d be giving them away as gifts during harvest time, I’m telling you. Here’s a tip: Choose them when they are small because giving them time to develop into behemoths can tone down their exceptionally bright taste.