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Life In British Columbia

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Ever wondered how it’s like to be a resident of British Columbia?

You see, Canada’s westernmost province is not just known for being close to the one of the world’s largest body of water. You also see, Cascadia’s bioregional area is not just known for being near to some of the world’s longest mountain ranges.

British Columbia, or better known as B.C., is a perfect epitome of rich history and vibrant culture, as well as natural beauty and other amazing wonders.

It’s rich in history, in a sense where Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom personally named the province as British Columbia to give honor to the Colony of British Columbia’s official promotion as a British colony back in 1858. There’s also the province’s namesake that was derived from Christopher Columbus himself, as well as its capital’s namesake that was derived from Queen Victoria herself.

It’s vibrant in culture, in a sense where people still get to enjoy the outdoors and sports of today in the province just like how previous inhabitants got to enjoy the outdoors and sports of yesterday in the region. There’s also sailing or sailboarding in warm months and skiing or snowboarding in cold months, as well as football or lacrosse in warm months and curling or skating in cold months.

It’s even natural in beauty, in a sense where most of its rich history can be seen by going to natural places like fjords and where most of its vibrant culture can be experienced by doing nature things like hiking. There’s also Stanley Park in Vancouver that is surrounded by calming waters, as well the Butchart Gardens in Brentwood Bay that is surrounded by blooming lands.

Other amazing wonders found in British Columbia include the Capilano Suspension Bridge, a 140-meter-long bridge in North Vancouver that provides breathtaking views on the Capilano River and its surrounding wood lands; and the Kicking Horse Mountain Resort, a 2,800-acre-wide resort that provides breathtaking activities on the Purcell Mountains and its surrounding terrain lands.

Well, let’s just say‚Ķlife in British in Columbia is one heck of an adventure.

With all those places to go, you will see firsthand how the outdoors can be really like. And with all those things to do, you will experience firsthand how the outdoors are really like.

Anything we’ve missed about life in British Columbia? Let us know in the comments section below!

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