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Top 5 Easy-to-Grow Veggies for Your BC Garden

Think staying at British Columbia is a bad idea? Think again! These vegetables are so easy to plant and grow, you’ll be surprised why you haven’t thought of them before!



Any kind of bean is easy to grow because they grow like wildfire. Once you plant them, you can expect to pick several every day. With the right fertilizer and the best garden sprayer, you can grow them fast. You have to remember, though, pole beans require a structure for support so that the vine can climb and twine. You can solve this issue by building a durable teepee of long sticks or poles or simply by planting them against a tall fence.


Another vegetable you can plant is lettuce. Think about the fresh lettuce from your garden that can be served with your food. Not only will your salads taste better, but you’ll also save money and time to buy lettuce from your local market! All you have to do is toss the lettuce seeds into a garden bed and wait for the heads of lettuce to appear in droves. As easy as that! Just bear in mind to pick new growth as soon as it comes up or else the greens will bolt and turn into gigantic lettuce trees. Trust me; you don’t want that. Here’s a tip: Ensure that the soil is kept moist during the growing season because lettuce loves a cold climate.



Onions from a garden taste way better than store-bought ones. The best part about them is they are effortless to grow. Bulb onions are even available in different flavors whether yellow, white, or red.

To grow onions, just plant a row. After two weeks you’ll be chopping green onions for your salad. And once the tops begin to fall over, you can have fresh onions to add to your stews, soups, and stir-fry. Make sure you store onions in a cool place secured in a mesh bag. These veggies need air.


Similar to beans, peas are also hassle-free to grow. They’re a great addition to your BC garden. Plus, they are so entertaining to watch as they grow! They have pretty tiny flowers which attract bees. Peas also like a colder climate. If you plant them during a cold spring, you can wait around three weeks after planting another set. When growing peas, however, always be ready with a spray bottle of mild detergent to get rid of aphids that can kill the peas.



Lastly, plant zucchini! They grow effortlessly and in an abundant amount too. You’d be giving them away as gifts during harvest time, I’m telling you. Here’s a tip: Choose them when they are small because giving them time to develop into behemoths can tone down their exceptionally bright taste.

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Troubleshooting and Using Your Airless Paint Sprayer Safely

Have you ever experienced wanting to paint walls or items to add color to your boring day, then suddenly you figured out that your sprayer’s clogged? It’s devastating, isn’t?

Don’t worry; this article will tell you how you can clear the clogged spray tip of your airless paint sprayer and use your sprayer the safe way.


You’ll know that the spray tip is clogged once the paint stops from flowing or the gun starts sputtering. To solve this issue, here are the steps:

  1. HomeRight-C800879-Power-Flo-Pro-2800Turn your spray tip into 180°.
  2. Aim your spray gun at a piece of cardboard or paper and pull the trigger to get rid of the clog.
  3. Twist the spray tip 180° again and point it to the scrap paper again.

Most of the problems you’ll encounter with your sprayer are caused by either a clogged tip, a leaking pump, a pump with stuck valves, or clogged filters. Be sure that exercise caution when cleaning the parts of your airless paint sprayer. Maintain it properly as well to avoid issues such as this.

If you’re having trouble with the paint coverage—like uneven coats or runs—then that means you’re using the wrong spray tip size. Sometimes it’s also the result of lack of practice or experience. The best way to be an expert is to take the long road, and that means practicing over and over.

Safety Tips

  • Always wear the appropriate attire—old clothing, approved mask, and safety glasses.
  • clarke-spray-gunMake sure your painting area is adequately ventilated.
  • Prevent flares when spraying flammable oil-based products by following all the necessary preventive measures—you can find these in your manual. You can also ask a professional about how you should deal with such products.
  • Don’t skip the pressure adjustment process. Follow the procedure before cleaning, before installing the spray tip, before checking the sprayer, and every time you stop spraying.
  • If you’re not using the sprayer, keep the trigger in the lock position.
  • Don’t place your hand in front of the sprayer’s tip except if the sprayer is turned off and has been depressurized. You might accidentally inject paint underneath your skin because of the high-pressure, which is dangerous to your health. In case it happens, see a doctor at once.
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Admit it or not, it’s not every day that we get a chance to take a breather from the heat and hustle of our work life. But when we finally do get one, it would only involve something you can only do from a certain place. It’s also not every day that we get a chance to make a challenger from the pressure and puller of our home life. And when we finally do, it would only involve somewhere you can only go with a certain thing.

But you know what?

There are things you can do just about everywhere – saving you not just the amount of time it will take for you to take a breather that involves something you can only do from a certain place, as well as the amount of effort it will take for you to make a challenger that involves somewhere you can only go with a certain thing.

Here are some of them:


As such, swimming is not just a great activity for those who are looking to get healthier as they brave the water along with the heat of the sun. And as such, swimming is also not just a great activity for those who are looking to get fitter as they brave the water further with the cold of the air.

One best thing? You can do it just about everywhere, be it in a public swimming pool or in a private beach resort – and all you have to do is either swim your mind off as you take in the heat of the sun like a warm cup of coffee or swim your heart off as you take in the cold of the air like a cool bottle of juice.


As such, cycling is also not just a great activity for those who are looking to get fitter as they brave the path further with the cold of the air. And as such, cycling is not just a great activity for those who are looking to get healthier as they brave the path along with the heat of the sun.

One best thing? You can do it just about everywhere, be it in a public nature park or in a private adventure park resort – and all you have to do is either cycle your heart off as you take in the heat of the sun like a warm cup of coffee or cycle your mind off as you take in the cold of the air like a cool bottle of juice.

For more on swimming, however, check out this pool cleaner.

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Get up close and personal to some of British Columbia’s spectacular and exhilarating outdoor destinations. Experience the rush or opt for more leisurely pursuits surrounded by nature in which BC has an abundance of. So if you are thinking of traveling to BC, you may want to start preparing for loads of exciting adventures outdoors.


There is nothing like the experience of camping in the wilderness. Setting up a tent in what seems like the middle of nowhere with nothing but natural scenery around you is one of the most idyllic getaways. Sleep under the stars, hear the sounds of birds and other wildlife, listen to the rustling of leaves, and leave your comfort zone as you settle in fairly rugged conditions that you rarely get to explore at home. Some of the best places to go camping in BC include the Cathedral Provincial Park, Golden Ears Provincial Park, Gulf Islands National Parks Reserve, Mount Robson Provincial Park, and Pacific Rim National Park among several others places.


Biking is a great way to see more of the towns or cities as well as the outlying areas in the places you visit in BC. Go bicycling in neighborhood or city parks. BC also has several biking trails suitable for novices and expert mountain bikers. Whistler is on top of many mountain bikers’ lists for its facilities and exhilarating trails. Visit the Whistler Bike Park if you want to experience the fun of biking in one of the most scenic places in the world.

Canoeing or Kayaking

Paddle a canoe or kayak boat in one of the many beautiful lakes in the area. Experience the tranquility of gliding along the waters as you take in the breathtaking scenery around you. Catch a glimpse of some of the fishes that inhabit the lake or marvel at some of the wildlife that strays near the shore.


There are many scenic trails suitable for short, mid-range, or long treks. You do not have to worry about not being fit enough to enjoy some of the best routes in the midst of nature. You can pick a short an easy path that you can finish in less than an hour. If you are up to the challenge, you can go for a day hike in some of the many parks and nature reserves you can find in BC.

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Exploring BC One City at a Time

There is no dearth of spectacular places to visit in BC year-round. In fact, the challenge is not so much as finding a destination but on picking one from amongst the many choices you would want to see. You can travel to BC on a whim and still end in one of its stunning sites. But if you want a specific place in mind, you may start with the cities that each has a wide range of attractions and activities to offer.


Kamloops is a great place for outdoor lovers and adventure seekers. The city is located in an area where the North and South Thompson rivers meet. It is home to several beautiful trails that hikers would love. The great outdoors in Kamloops provide an amazing setting and backdrop for activities like camping, fishing, hiking, kayaking, and tobogganing to name a few. Its impressive scenery is something you can enjoy all throughout the seasons.


Located in the south of BC, Kelowna is a picturesque city that sits in the midst of majestic mountains, parks, vineyards, and other breathtaking sceneries. The wine tours in the vineyards located in the area are among the major draws of the city. Visitors can also soak up the sun in Okanagan Lake. You can take your pick of water activities like fishing, paddling, windsurfing, and more. Or you can pick one of the scenic trails in and around the city if you want to go for a hike and see more of the natural scenery.



Richmond is more populous than Kamloops and Kelowna, but not as populated as Victoria and Vancouver. It has a diverse culture and many of its residents have Asian roots. Visit the Golden Village to experience of the city’s unique multicultural vibe. Go on walking tours to admire the architecture of some of the place’s historic buildings. Enjoy a meal of the freshest seafood and other delicious cuisines in some of the city’s many restaurants.


Vancouver ranks high on the list of top destinations in Canada. It has a high quality of living and generally a great place to explore for locals and tourists. The city has plenty of attractions for a wide range of interests. Outdoor enthusiasts will have no shortage of natural scenery to enjoy. Travelers who want to stay in the heart of the city can look forward to a wide range of amenities and things to do.


Victoria is the capital of British Columbia. It is home to beautiful and historic architecture, jaw-dropping scenery including breathtaking landscapes and seascapes. The city has several green spaces that include gardens that burst in a kaleidoscope of colors when the flowers are in bloom. Victoria is a great place for outdoor activities like biking, fishing, and trekking. It is also an excellent place for entertainment and shopping.


Whistler is a famous resort destination and has gained more prominence when it hosted the 2010 Winter Olympics. It is a great place for skiing as well as for enjoying the quaint village that serves as its hub. There are several hotels and dining destinations when in the area. You can also play golf in one of the many scenic courses Whistler has to offer.