5 Attractions to Visit in Vancouver, BC

5th Place: Spanish Banks Beach

Want to take a dip? Visit the city’s quietest and least crowded beach! Aside from the fact that it’s peaceful, it’s also the ideal place for those who want to try skimboarding (surfing + skateboarding), thanks to its low tidal conditions. You can participate in beach volleyball and pick-up games too. The best part about this beach? It’s free to use!

4th Place: Yaletown

Are you nocturnal? Then you need to visit Yaletown! It’s the best late-night trendy place you’ll ever encounter! Featuring boutiques, hotels, and restaurants, Yaletown is best known for OPUS Vancouver, which is one of the town’s top properties. And since you’re there, I suggest you visit Raw Canvas, Yaletown Brewing Co., and Bar None too.

Yaletown in Vancouver

3rd Place: Queen Elizabeth Park

This is the second most famous park in the city, alluring over 6 million visitors each year. It boasts off its rose garden and arboretum with nearly 1,500 exotic trees. It’s the perfect place to visit if you want to observe and admire nature and animals. It features 200 exotic birds and 500 tropical plants. Also, the park also highlights its Dancing Waters fountain display, that’ll make you never want to leave. Since it’s situated at the highest point of the city, it also offers remarkable views of Vancouver’s skyline, shoreline, and mountains. After visiting this place, I’m pretty sure you’ll visit and start gardening!

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2nd Place: Granville Island

This island features galleries, restaurants, theaters, and more. Renowned for its Public Market, Granville Island presents countless fresh produce and local crafts. If you love food trips, this is the best place for you as it offers various food stalls, perfect for your curious taste buds. You can also watch ferry boats, performances of buskers, and enjoy a tour in Canada’s first ever microbrewery. Of course, do that after leaving the kids in the indoor playground found in the Kids Only Market.


1st Place: Stanley Park

Experience serenity in the crowd’s favorite 1,000-acre park. It’s one of the most visited tourist spots of the city where you can appreciate and be awed by the beauty of nature You can walk, jog, and cycle around its Seawall which is 14 miles long. If you’re not up for exercise, you can always ride a trolley or a carriage. The park is open 24 hours every single day, allowing you to revel in every moment without time limit.

Check out this short video about the well-known Stanley Park: